Welcome to A Smile for Troops!
Our mission is to provide care packages for deployed service members; our goal is simply to bring a smile to the faces of as many of our nation’s finest men and women as possible. We do this through providing baked goods and other donated items, primarily to troops in Afghanistan. Please visit our What’s Happening page to see what is going on this month!


We recently shipped 200 more care packages, bringing the total to over 10,000 since February 2009! We rely heavily on material and financial donations to make these shipments happen, as well as the efforts of a few very dedicated volunteers. Though the economy is suffering, we've still managed to gather enough resources to keep the care packages moving. Being away from one's family is difficult at best and it is easy to feel isolated. The packages help our women and men feel just a little closer to home and remind them that America is grateful for their service.

“I just got your package that was sent to me and I wanted to thank all the people that are back home supporting your efforts. It means a lot to all of us so far from home to get such a nice gift. thanks Kiley and all the volunteers that make this possible...Thanks again for the Package and the great bell ornament I will keep it for a long time.” - Cunningham

“Well, we got four packages from you guys today!! Homemade cookies and candy and magazines...Personally I LOVE all the cards the kids made - it is always very touching to read them! Thanks to you all for everything you do!” SPC Ken

“Thank you for the Halloween gifts. They lifted our spirits and reminded us that the seasons are passing even as the days here blend together. We deaply appreciate the time and thought and all your efforts to brighten our time away from home.” COL K

“First and foremost, thank you for taking time out of your day to make sure the troops over here had a Halloween. Everyone is starting to become more aware that the phrase "We Support The Troops" is more of a hollow slogan these days than ever before. It's people like you who give that phrase back its substance. We are definitely not over here for any recognition, but acts of kindness and generosity like yours are greatly appreciated. Thank you for all that you do. The support was definitely felt over here. Have a great holiday with family and friends." SSG Mike T

"Thank you so very much for the wonderful bags of candy. Our office was very festively decorated and the candy provided the perfect venue to do Trick or Treating for those who visited on Halloween. We greatly appreciate your time and dedication to the troops here in Iraq. Our warmest thanks to all who helped bring a smile to our faces on a day so many of us are away from our families and children.” MAJ Trevor V